Holiday Gift Idea: Ellie Mae Jewellery

Is it just me or has time been moving at whirlwind speed lately? Somehow it’s already mid-November, meaning before we know it the holidays will be in full swing. Have you begun your shopping yet? If not, no fear; today I attended a fashion and beauty media day at The Spoke Club and was exposed to some wonderful products that make fantastic gift ideas this holiday season.

FW13 Collection on sale now

FW13 Collection on sale now

Ever a fan of stackable bracelets and the boho-vibe they bring with them, I took a strong liking to Ellie Mae Jewellery. Based in Toronto, this jewellery line effortlessly combines metal and precious stones; the latter are sourced from as far as Asia! What I love about these bracelets is their versatility. They can definitely be worn alone for a more elegant look, or they can be mixed and matched to create a colourful stack suitable for music festival season.


Fun fact – they’re said to have healing properties, what with the gemstones that make up their design. The rose quartz is supposed to help heal a broken heart and the emeralds are said to ease digestion. Pretty cool, right? But even if you don’t buy into the mind-body-spirit connection, these gems are sure to add some sparkle to your look.

SS14 collection available in January

SS14 collection available in January

Want to snatch some up? They can be purchased at their website here as well as at various retailers across Canada.

Be Majestic. BEADifferent. from Ellie Mae on Vimeo.


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